Sham1016 Releases New “FADE” EP

Sham1016 Releases New “FADE” EP

South Central’s Sham1016 is stepping from behind the scenes to front and center on his new EP ‘FADE’. Having been featured on prior smash hits such as Airplane James “FWU”, as well as handling creative direction with artists, he has accumulated all the tools to be a successful artist in his own right.

Sham’s refreshing new seven track “FADE” EP clocks in at just under twenty minutes with features from Airplane James and Adrian Jovan. This project is a complete contrast from anything you’ve heard come out of Los Angeles artists in the past few years. With songs like “Bad News”, “Searchin’ 4 the Real” boasting fantastic, nostalgic production, coupled with exceptional technical rapping and actual lyrical content. This project leaves nothing to be desired, but much more to anticipate.

When asked about ‘FADE’, Sham1016 expressed:

“I wanted to make sure that when you heard this EP, you got a real idea of who I am as a person, as an artist.That’s why it’s different sounds that makes one overall sound. You gon have your street shit where I’m talking about the dead homies and the homies / family members locked up because that’s what I go through in real life but at the same time, some real introspective artistic shit because I understand music and art. I’m giving you a human perspective, as a nigga that walked different paths of life and seen / experienced a lot of shit both good and bad. Plus I wanted to just make some player shit, it’s already enough niggas playing tough”.

Stream FADE’ Below.

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