Kee Riche$ Releases “From Broke To Rich”

Kee Riche$ Releases “From Broke To Rich”

Although the album has been out for a minute (forgive me for lagging), it might be new to someone else & if it is we hope you tap inwardly. The Compton rapper is ringing bells throughout the city whether it be with his name, his GETRICH crew, being a voice, or giving back. One might think to themselves, “When does he have time to be an actual rapper?” Ladies & gentlemen, I don’t have an answer to that question but all that matters is he gets shit done. And he does it nicely.

Kee Riche$ project contains features from fellow label mates Sambo & Mack Gee, over beats from JR, Zay Coronado, & Will Stellar to name a few. As he explains the story over the epic nostalgic production, one is introduced to the meaning of the tape with a catchy hook, & energized delivery. So much so that when it’s performed the crowd chants along pridefully as they too have gone from broke to rich. As he continues with a few bangers, the storytelling talents he holds aren’t too far gone within said tracks. Painting pictures of how he’s become thee Kee Riche$ that is self-made to say the least as he continues to garner success.

The mood changes a bit as he freestyles acapella for the track “Clear My Chest.” Shouting out those who are his guardian angels now, as well as pointing out the strength he holds that aid him into continuing his own journey. A few tracks down & on “142 Reasons” he speaks on the betrayal that comes with life. One loves to believe the illusion that within your circle everyone can be trusted but as life continues to show us, it’s not the case. Some of us learn in worse ways than others.

The visual shot by Dundee Films showcases Riche$ in a blue Get Rich sweatsuit contemplating his thoughts. The stress of a situation is clear as day on his face & he battles an inner conflict of how to deal with the situation. No matter the outcome, the same mistake won’t be made again.

With a classic throwback beat, Riche$ brings the tape to a close with a letter to Quez. Always having been one to leave his emotions on the track, the pain he’s holding back as he raps can be felt. As he reminisces on the good & the bad, he’s thankful for the time he had with his brother.

I wish I was properly able to describe the emotions that Kee Riche$ delivers throughout his music. As he tries to save those who listen from learning lessons the hard way, his voice let’s one know that ‘if it happens to you too, it’ll all be okay because we all make it someway.’ Knowing that everyone’s journey is different, we all seek happiness, clarity, & peace. A few of the things that make an individual richer than most. I hope my piece does his project justice & encourages those who haven’t to tap in.

Being influences by the late & great Nipsey Hussle in various ways, Riche$ gives back to the city on a monthly basis. Whether it be school giveaways, food drives, or clothing drives, he strives to be the light within the darkness. One can also purchase his “From Broke to Rich” mixtape via his website signed, sealed, & mailed out himself for $100. Only 100 copies were made & we hope to aid in helping him sell out every single one.

Purchase his project here & listen below.

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