03 Greedo x Travis Barker – “Meet the Drummers” EP

03 Greedo x Travis Barker – “Meet the Drummers” EP

ThOne may look at the names 03 Greedo & Travis Barker & become puzzled, but it’s been known for a while that both genres of rap & rock music support each other. For the most part, anyway. The Game & Good Charlotte’s Madden brothers have always supported each other, so this duo is no different. It wasn’t a marketing scheme or a stunt for some streams, it just so happens Rosecrans has actually seen Barker support Greedo first hand at his Farewell show at Los Globos last year.

As we continues to wait for the release of Greedo, the music that comes about may give fans mixed emotions. Happiness for new music with a dose of sadness that he’s not here to enjoy it’s success. No matter, the support is appreciated from his end so we hear.

The EP contains 5 tracks where Greedo delivers his laid back flow over some beats that one may not expect from Barker. From trap sounds to serene melodies, it’s enjoyable throughout. Listen to the project below!

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