Lowkey LA Classics: LNDN DRGS – “Aktive” (Deluxe)

Lowkey LA Classics: LNDN DRGS – “Aktive” (Deluxe)

Compton emcee Jay Worthy and Vancouver producer Sean House make up the duo that is LNDN DRGS. Two dudes who have established a contemporary classic sound by employing the classics directly. Flipping records that define old school R&B to exquisite smooth jazz into work they can call their own. Their renowned Aktive (Deluxe) is a whopping 23 tracks, it is absolutely crucial to have this one in your library. The original itself stands tall but the revamp stands even taller. Calling on highly respected emcees to exhibit their flows alongside Worthy with nine extra tracks.

This is new age G-Funk at it’s finest, the homage to the sound is most definitely felt. Cover art from Joe Cool, the same illustrator responsible for Snoop Dogg’s classic Doggystyle. That should tell you already what you are in for. Straight deep soulful cuts looped to superiority by House with classic West Coast lyrical motifs from Worthy. It doesn’t get much smoother than that. No matter what you’re driving, even if its a busted jalopy with the check engine light on, you’ll feel like you’re riding on Daytons with this spinning.

Low rider flows, player advice, hustler antics, are all topics of discussion. Jay Worthy delivers each bar with bass in his voice, laid-back but with authority. Fluent recollections of his day to day. This is that bonafide P’ shit. The lineup is far from average, only the realest are worthy to get on one next to Worthy. The features include: G Perico, Mitchy Slick, YG Hootie, A$AP Yams, Dubb, Earl Swavey, YG Hootie, Krayzie Bone, AD, Retch, Sha Hef, Lil L, K-Dee Freddie Gibbs, Curren$y, Jay305, Payroll Giovanni, Freeway Rick Ross, Polyster The Saint, Stro, and Cousin Stizz. Jam packed with validated emcees and figures who have had an extraordinary impact on the culture.

All LNDN DRGS projects make you feel like you went back in time. Yet everything is still completely present. The amount of history and game within each is unheard of. Aktive goes far beyond any others, it is a complete saga. A necessary album to own on vinyl. A piece of musical history. A capsule to the real west coast sound.


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