Roddy Ricch – “Out Tha Mud” Music Video

Roddy Ricch – “Out Tha Mud” Music Video

Roddy Ricch‘s catapult in stardom has been a marvel to witness, working with an unexpected range of high profile producers and artists that includes the late Nipsey Hussle, adding to the mysticism behind Roddy. With a combination of relaxed laidback Cali instrumentation and Atlanta flows and melodic rapping, his versatility has allowed him to blend genres and regions, garnering a wide variety of fans. As he prepares for his next endeavor, his latest song “Out Tha Mud” feels more like a victory lap than a stepping stone. Roddy’s sharp and precise use of his voice works in conjunction with the woodwind instrument, using the Young Thug DNA in him to to switch flows and blend in harmony with the beat. His lyrics feel mafioso, boasting about his artillery and importance of respect and brotherhood. The music video, directed by JMP, was shot in a mostly white color palette which emulates this larger-than-life feeling, using a grand display of guns and money in a mansion as a testimony that Roddy truly is out the mud. In an industry where people come and go, Roddy Ricch makes it clear that this isn’t the beginning of the end, but the end to the beginning.


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