Baby Smoove Drops Off New Project “Mr. Perfect” + Visual For “Akorn”

Baby Smoove Drops Off New Project “Mr. Perfect” + Visual For “Akorn”

Mr. Perfect has arrived, 15 tracks that continue to elevate Baby Smoove as an artist. He’s been in a full court press, label executive heads are spinning trying to sign him. That’s right, he is still independent and at this point they better be forking over a substantial bag. His fanbase is only going up, doing excessive numbers. All off of some freestyles. Smoove has not written a rap his last 50 records, simply stepping in the booth and recollecting his life.

The coolest part about his flow, it sounds like he doesn’t even want to be there. As if he can’t wait to finish the track and get onto something else. That laid-back, who cares demeanor can be executed genuinely by few and far between. It only validates his talent further, a 15 track project is light work to him. Exhibiting this half-way sedated but sleek flow over suspenseful to upbeat production. With skilled producers such as Wiardon and a sole feature from Icewear Vezzo.

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To add fuel to the already lit flame, the Vuhlandes directed visual for “Akorn” is out now. The opening track to his LA Vibes EP from earlier in June. Capturing Smoove draped in all pink, the Bape garments and snakeskin 11 lows. He’s got the extras on him too, exotic smoke in the air and double cupped up. The Godfather theme flip floods the soundscape as his effortless flow follows along. Pristine shots, slow-focused portraits executed with a sleight of hand. Chop it up as another cinematic showcase.


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