Curren$y + Jay Worthy – “Umbrella Symphony”

Curren$y + Jay Worthy – “Umbrella Symphony”

Sean House makes beats that are strictly for players, looping some of the most soul-filled  classics. Chopping them into audible excellency that would sound the best rolling in a lowrider. Putting two of the games extraordinary players over that prestigious production results in Umbrella Symphony by Curren$y and LNDN DRGS (Jay Worthy + Sean House). A seven track EP from May that has not left the rotation since it released.

This is what an instant classic sounds like. The production is pristine, nothing but the finest beats, that’s expected from Sean House and Jay Worthy. Nothing can go wrong adding Curren$y’s laid-back but lethal presence to the mix of an already great duo. The samples are immaculate, the bars are timeless. A bonafide project from top to bottom, even the cover pays homage to the art found throughout the legendary Teen Angels Magazine. Significant references to history and culture are jammed into the short 23 minute duration.

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