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Rising Artist BBKnight Connects With Creating Paradise For His Engaging New Video

Videographers are super important, yet a lot of the time, they receive the least amount of notoriety. Considering music videos are what helps an artist gather steam, this seems backwards, though so does most of the industry. Not one to allow that, ascending videographer Creating Paradise has been making visuals for people like Larry June, Big Homie Stone and everybody in between, always claiming his credit. Looking to further his portfolio, he links up with buzzing Upland artist, BBKnight for their new video, “Chanel”.

Shot at the popular Las Vegas clothing store Waves, “Chanel” is Knight and Creating Paradise at their finest. Having already worked a couple of times due to their Las Vegas ties, “Chanel” stands as their best work, with both of them gaining huge strides since their last collaboration.

For Knight, he showcases his signature style of bending auto-tuned effects and meshing them with his already infectious tone to make for some of the most catchy shit that you’ve ever heard. While the fluidity of the words could always use some improvement, the twang behind the slang is what makes Knight’s lyrics so engaging, and never boring.

Meshing the aforementioned qualities with an improved eye from Paradise, we could be seeing this video do a bit more numbers than their last one. Take a look at the video above and let us know what you think yourself.

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