Lil Jayy Releases “Slight Work” Video

Lil Jayy Releases “Slight Work” Video

Eight year old rapper Lil Jayy has released “Slight Work” directed by KID. Do you remember being seven years old? Flexing bands, hopping out of G Wagons, acting in big budget music videos, what a magical time. Actually no, only Lil Jayy the youngest flexer can pull this off. I remember being 8 years old, being super broke, with only about 20 Pokémon cards to my name. For Jayy, this lifestyle is slight work, and he makes rapping look easy.

Just imagine how great a rapper Jayy will be when he’s as old as Bow Wow was in Like Mike. We may be witnessing the start of what is eventually going to be the longest career in hip hop history. By the year 2059, Jayy will have been rapping for 40+ years, and god willing I am here to write about it and reference this post.

Watch the video below!

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