Baby Smoove – “LA Vibes” EP

Baby Smoove – “LA Vibes” EP

D7ittJgVUAA8xV6Detroit’s Baby Smoove is up next. He’s been on an undefeated run like the Pistons in the late 80s. Four elaborate and unique full-length projects since 2017. His most recent Flawless is barely over a month old, that didn’t stop him from dropping an EP. Four tracks that display specifically why he is untouchable. LA Vibes is the solidification that Baby Smoove is here to stay, five for five. Not to mention, Kodone is responsible for the enticing cover art. A household name as an artist, especially now since his art has seen a remarkable surge in recognition.

The EP is taking control of the charts in the few days since the release. He does not have a deal though, yet he’s doing major label numbers. He makes four tracks seem so thorough, no beat is alike. Four different vibes to get spaced out. Tracks three and four, the hardest on the project, are produced by Undefined. His flow is controlling like he has the beat in a chokehold. The rap doesn’t make the lifestyle, he speaks like someone who’s been there before. A fast-paced, hustling life is something he’s been accustomed to. He wears this confidence and experience through his lyrics proudly. Tap in with him now, it’s for your own good!

Link to LA Vibes


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