Radamiz – “Save the Youth” Feat. History and Tedy Andreas

Radamiz – “Save the Youth” Feat. History and Tedy Andreas

New York is the birthplace to some of the greatest lyricists rap has seen, so it only makes sense that Radamiz hails from Brooklyn.  On “Save The Youth” the Brooklyn native raps his ass off, speaking on growing up on the block and the work he had to put in to make it. The ferocious flows and deliveries of lines such as the opening “My lawyer meticulous” and “I ain’t afraid to pop, I ain’t afraid of cops” radiate incredible energy that makes you want to drive around with the windows down screaming them down the block. The video is shot in New York and full of fun transitions, creative effects and great imagery (the shots with the cross are so fucking dope). With a simple yet catchy hook by History and fire verse from H-Town representative Tedy Andreas, Radamiz is here to let you know he’s ready to take over New York.


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