Trizz Releases “The Basement” (Side B)

Trizz Releases “The Basement” (Side B)

Forgive me as I play catch-up, but I hope that you’ve been doing your own thing a bit by keeping an eye on the releases that Trizz has been making as of late. With his “Kill Zone“, “Aw Shit!“, & “Thanos” music video (which you can watch below) & epic features from T.F, Xavier, Audio Push & more, Trizz always delivers greatly as a creative. With dope content from the beats, wordplay, to features that compliment him alongside his tracks, “The Basement” is 30 minutes of listening that music fans won’t regret.

I imagine when Trizz gets into the booth he says to himself, ‘Aight, it’s time to deliver a bit of knowledge.’ Not in a demeaning type of way either, more of a bringing awareness & realization to the cruel world we live in. As he breaks through the facades that are created on the daily, he speaks on the negativity that chases him constantly, while also manuvering through it well. As he hits targets with the right range, per usual he represents the Inland proudly, as well as never failing to remind listeners it’s forever West Coast as we continue to paper chase.

Trizz is a true example of staying 100% true to oneself & expressing it in a none cocky way through his music. Although he is confident in the ways of his work ethic, lyrcism, & being independent; it all comes off in an inspiring way. Giving listeners the feeling of being proud to stand for what they believe in. In a world where individuals seem to be easily influenced by the smallest of things, Trizz conveys that being the standout one through it all isn’t as bad as others make it seem.

Stream “The Basement” (Side B) below, & be sure to catch up on the latest releases from Trizz here on Rosecrans.

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