Stinc Team – “Saturday Morning” Feat.Ohgeesy and Desto Dubb

Stinc Team – “Saturday Morning” Feat.Ohgeesy and Desto Dubb

There are few rap groups with the notoriety and talent that the Stinc Team possess, which is perhaps why the LAPD is trying so hard to silence them, and on “Saturday Morning” the group makes it clear they are a force not to be reckoned with. With features from local legends Ohgeesy and Desto Dubb, the group exude dangerous energy as they go back and forth detailing their Saturday morning activities; which include sipping Wok like almond milk and hanging out into the field with the homies (some things never change). From the moment you press play, you are greeted with a sinister ambiance from the slow moody production that the Stincs are so fond of, slurring their words and thoughts to the skeletal keys and alarming synths that drone in and out throughout the track, truly embodying the essence of nervous music. Despite the absence of Drakeo, the mastermind behind the Stincs, there’s no shortage of fantastic verses and quotables for days, as Ohgeesy brags about rap being his part time job while SaySoTheMac does his best Nelly impression. The possibility of the Stincs returning to reclaim their positions in the upper echelon of the Los Angeles renaissance is just beyond the horizon as their trial approaches, but until then #FreetheStincs!


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