Garren Releases “The Lost Files” EP

Garren Releases “The Lost Files” EP

It’s always dope when artists go through their personal archive & decide to release some tracks. Garren stated via his social media accounts to release 4 tracks from 2014/2015 that are unmixed & unmastered in an EP titled “The Lost Files.”

One thing that always continues to amaze me is the pure talent that he holds within his vocals. With being a fan of Garren, I’ve had the chance to see him live a few times & his voice sounds exactly the same as it does on record. If anything, it sounds better because the emotions that bleed through his lyrics are felt throughout the whole room. Within these 4 tracks that are raw cuts the same talents & emotions bleed through tremendously, making the EP enjoyable from start to finish.
Stream & share your favorite tracks below! If you haven’t tapped in with Garren yet be sure to check out his other releases on all streaming services.

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