Bale Releases “Regardless” & “Exrscise”

Bale Releases “Regardless” & “Exrscise”

I said to forgive me as I catch up, & well I’m getting you all caught up on the latest tracks to come from Bale. Tapping in with Bale is a must if one is here seeking motivation, a type of lesson, or simply a great vibe. Substance is what he delivers, & within this post you’ll find a double dose of it.

Exrscise” is a track that explains how distractions aren’t going to be an obstacle. As he focuses on his talents, the money that is to be made is what he’s searching for. Paper is the only thing on his mind, & in a respectful way he simply brushes off anything else that will take away from that. Call it exrscise, he says while also manfiesting the better days that are sure to come sooner than later.

The next release from Bale is “Regardless” & it contains a confident side brought upon him from the ladies that he rarely portrays in songs. Although he’s not ready to dive in, he knows she’ll be there regardless. Expressing how thankful he is for his team & the great energy that surrounds him, he’s sure to win regardless. Stream & share the track below!

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