Mani Coolin’ – “Shine” Prod. by T.Reg and Josh Gray

Mani Coolin’ – “Shine” Prod. by T.Reg and Josh Gray

After a short hiatus, Mani Coolin’ returns with hunger and ambition on his new song “Shine”, produced by T.Rej and Josh Gray. With his lyrical prowess and storytelling ability, the young LA star bares his soul on wax as he details his struggles growing up and blowing up. His words flow like molasses to the funky guitar strings that if you smoked a blunt to, would transport you to another decade (you know which one) where ‘this rap shit wasn’t as corny’ as Mani puts it. The first of many songs that the young star has promised for this year, it’s clear that Coolin’ can only go up from here. Make sure to check out his last album “Here 4 Me Only“, because whatever Mani Coolin’ has in store from here on out, you won’t want to miss.


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