1TakeQuan Releases “1TakeSlide” Music Video Shot by Bobby Astro

1TakeQuan Releases “1TakeSlide” Music Video Shot by Bobby Astro

In the age of viral dance moves & taking it back to classic tracks, 1TakeQuan embodies just that in his newest visual for track “1TakeSlide.” Shot by Bobby Astro, the visual shows dancers moving to the beat as Quan tries his best to pick up on the moves as they come about. As the ladies eventually move Quan out of their way, scenes cut to a few high school take overs that have happened over the past few months. As Quan is shown love from all the students, we’re taken back to the dancers as a sign to learn the moves along with them. Watch the visual below & be sure to stream 1TakeQuan’s ‘Complete Package’ mixtape!

Irene Guerrero

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