League & Two Time Unleash Dope New Record For “C.O.Y.N.”

League & Two Time Unleash Dope New Record For “C.O.Y.N.”

League and Two Time can’t leave the rap alone the game needs them. So just like that, the two are back blowing gas on a track like twin tailpipes in a drag race. Coincidentally, if I had to write down all of my confessions of everything I did as a young man, illegal street racing would definitely be one of my many sins.

Back to League and Two though, the duo are starring in a brand new visual titled “COYN.”; during which, they unleash raps over a delightful soul sample provided by producers Skinny Mooxe and BYANYMEANS. My favorite bar from had to be when Two said, “damn ya’ll so trifling, fucking bitches ya’ll homies wifing”, which is probably a confession a few who are reading this right now can relate to. To quote our toxic king, Pastor Future, “issa evil world we live in”.

Watch the extremely entertaining new video for “COYN” now below.

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