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ConradFrmDaAves has the hottest song in LA as of today, “Vintage & Adventurous” is produced by HitMob’s own JoogFTR. It was released about thirteen days ago, but somehow has picked up a massive amount of steam and made its rounds all over the internet. It’s already become a meme on LA Twitter due to the catchy hook, bridge and damn near every lyric being quotable.

If you’re unfamiliar with Conrad he’s from where you better keep a thumpa, and his swag cost the same amount as your house, if you got one. But really, he’s from the Crenshaw District, the same neighborhood as Nipsey Hussle, and has worked with the late legend in the past on songs such as “Only a Case“. In 2013, he released “Hit Yo Rollin” which was the Rolling 60’s answer to “Hit Yo Ricky” a popular song that came out of The Jordan Downs projects the Grape Street Crips inhabit. Now, he’s back with yet another hit, but I predict this one will be much less regional, and more limitless.

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