ShooterGang Kony – “194” EP

ShooterGang Kony – “194” EP

The world of ShooterGang Kony is a violent and dangerous world governed by respect and whoever has the best aim, and on his latest “194” EP, Kony details the glory and the heartbreak that comes with this lifestyle. As you would expect from someone partially named ShooterGang and signee to the legendary Mozzy, Kony makes dangerous music. The earth shaking bass and sinister synths in his beats are used to great effect as he raps about an arsenal that could supply a small militia and DM’ing other people’s girlfriends. The madness all comes to a crescendo on “Let It Blow” where he enlists ALLBLACK and Offset Jim in a 3 and a half minute extravaganza of debauchery.

All this aside, the highlight of the tape is actually a bit earlier in the sorrowful “Crooked Smile”. The slow piano ballad gives us Kony at his finest, as he thinks back on his fallen brothers and explores the roots of his distrust and loneliness. Kony’s words are delivered with a heavy heart as he sets the standard to what it means to be a Mozzy protégé. A strong start to his 2019, this tape is a great introduction to the crazy world of ShooterGang Kony.


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