Larry June – “Port of San Francisco” EP

Larry June – “Port of San Francisco” EP

Summer is just around the corner, which means its Larry June szn and on his newest EP “The Port of San Fransisco” he definitely delivers. 9 songs of soft funky beats and silky smooth flows, we may not be rich but Larry June most definitely makes us feel like it. Full of infectious hooks, songs like “Always Want More” make me want to pick up extra shifts so I could afford a bottle of Dom Perignon to flex on the gram. The only feature, Polyester the Saint blesses our ears on “Let’s Get Smoothies”, the perfect anthem for your summer fling. June closes the project on an introspective note on “Organic Dreams” where he just airs out his thoughts and flows as naturally as breathing. Whether you’re just chilling at home or vacationing at the beach, make sure you’re the coolest person in the room by playing the new Larry June tape.


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