Brazilian Songstress, Sartør Returns With Her New Vocal EP

Brazilian Songstress, Sartør Returns With Her New Vocal EP

Music has no boundaries, period. Before, music, and Hip-Hop in general, was a mostly regional thing, and what you were listening too — and creating — usually reflected your area. Since the explosion of the internet, the flood gates have opened, and all forms of music is being made everywhere. For Brazilian born singer, Sartør and her brilliant new EP, It’s Alright, she chose the Pop route.

Clocking in at 7-tracks, It’s Alright is neither short, nor long, but just right. With it rounding out at about 20-minutes, Sartør infectiously croons about lost loves, new ones, scary journeys through the waters, and much more. Utilizing her soulfully capable vocals to help drive these lyrics home, it’s no surprise that Sartør is currently one of the more promising songwriters on the rise.

Check out the EP below and get familiar with Sartør.


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