League & Two Time “Smokeaveli” Prod. Jay Kurzweil

League & Two Time “Smokeaveli” Prod. Jay Kurzweil

LA’s ONLY dynamic duo is back. League & Two Time have released some new fire aptly titled “Smokeaveli”. The two float over this Jay Kurzweil production and trade smoke back and forth as if the mic was a backwood packed with the highest grade gas grown on god’s green earth.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m extremely excited for what the two have in store for the rest of the year as they are heating up with many consecutive strong releases. What I love most about League and Two Time is they are filling a niche that isn’t being touched by many artists on the west coast right now. While many are making music that make you want to rob your own house, these two are making music that make you want to ride around with the sunroof back and the windows down, smoking, getting higher than a giraffes snatch and enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve had as of late.

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