Baby Smoove – “Blicky” Official Video

Baby Smoove – “Blicky” Official Video

Detroit is seemingly taking over Hip-Hop at the moment. Baby Smoove is easily one of the noteworthy artists. If you aren’t familiar, you better get with it. He’s been racking up numbers on youtube, big numbers. They’re only going to go up. Especially in the first few months of this year. Connecting with Vuhlandes, a master of the visual arts, for all his videos. They can not miss!

“Blicky” is track one on his exceptional project Flawless that released earlier this month. Vuhlandes knows how to capture moments that seem so simple and make them cinematic. That’s the case here, the whole video is shot in one spot. Outside the crib, in and out of the whip. Smoking exotic. The song itself is ridiculously hard. With a video shot like a major motion picture. You’ll have “Blicky” along with the rest of the project on repeat after watching. Guaranteed.


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