Nana – “Save Yourself” EP

Nana – “Save Yourself” EP

Save Yourself” can correspond with listeners in a number of ways, whether it be getting back to one’s goals, removing oneself from a toxic situation, or simply changing the way one thinks; it all comes down to finding that niche that can save you. That is what Nana covers in his latest EP that contains 7 tracks with an amazing feature from artist Blackksoul.

With his first single being the track “On My Momma“, he sets the tone for one of the obstacles that he’s taken on for his life & career; to become successful. As he steps into his own confidence & determination, the need to achieve this goal is felt & utterly contagious. Within said visual he’s seen moving into his house at a late hour to perform the track, all while waking up his Momma before he takes on the town for some wild, soon to be epic memories.

When listeners begin the EP with track “Heaven & Hennessy”, they’re hit with a serene guitar riff as he touches on the topic of chasing after lust & trying to break routine. Asking for strength from a Higher Power before he lunges into other remedies to escape, whether it be the drank, pills, or chasing money; he asks to be saved from it.

“King’s Blvd 2” brings out the stronger voice of Nana. Opening with a character that is in desperate need to get cash by any means. A feeling that most may know all too well when it comes to thinking of drastic measures, but before any action is taken Nana encourages one to think of the lasting consequences from a split second decision.

We’re greeted with a blissful instrumental as we skip down to “You & I.” Nana speaks of a woman who is unsure of herself, aware of the hurt & insecurity that has been cut within her, he welcomes her wholeheartedly into his arms. Assuring her that she is indeed enough no matter what she’s gone through. A strong message that many of us, men & women alike, may need to hear. With the way society sets standards for today from movies to social media, it’s easy for these insecurities to become deeply rooted within. His message remains true & pure, to be loved for your soul.

The closing track “Save Yourself” may bring a few tears to your eyes thanks to the messages that are told alongside the vocals of Blackksoul. When all is lost, sometimes the only way to save oneself is to ask for help. That may also be one of the hardest things to do when it’s all said & done, but it can also change the route of everything.

One of the things I’ve always admired about Nana is his willingness to be vulnerable all the while spreading messages that need to be heard. In a world where music is constantly flooded with content, it’s nice to come across a body of work that contains actual content. No shade to anyone in particular, but at times when the turn up is done it’s nice to hear reflective tracks, something that can inspire & move one to become better. We look forward to what’s to come this year from Nana, & for now, enjoy his “Save Yourself” EP below.

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