“Law of Attraction” EP by RobTwo

“Law of Attraction” EP by RobTwo

Rosecrans insiders know that RobTwo has been quietly working on his craft, whether it’ll all to be showcased on an album or turn into throw away’s we’ll truly never know. One thing is for sure, his “Law of Attraction” EP is the smallest of teases that we’ve received as of yet but we’ll gladly take it! With just three tracks, Two gave himself a bit of a break by hopping on the production that isn’t his own & instead hit the talents of R4DIANT Beats, Beat Boy, & Yung Phi$h.
Within his EP Two touches on life lessons that we all learn as money & success come out way. Things change, moods change, & as we come into the realization that the only ones we can truly look out for it ourselves it can become a rude or enlightening awakening. His closing track which is a personal favorite out of the three, gives one a perspective of getting it how we live. Stress free is all we aspire to be & he’s making the best of it with his day ones. Stream & share your favorite tracks below!

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