G Perico – “Westcoast” G-Style

G Perico – “Westcoast” G-Style

G Perico is back with his G-Style’s & I couldn’t be more hyped. “Westcoast” is the first one to hit us & it holds the classic sample of Richie Rich’s “Lets Ride” that Perico spits over nicely. Opening with a shoutout to King Nip, it sets the tone of how prideful listeners should be of the West. Mentioning his city of South Central, he speaks on the good & the bad, the envy those around him may hold as well as plans to give back to the streets. “It’s where everybody wanna liiive...” he says as he shouts out cities from San Diego all the way to Portland. Westcoast pride at it’s finest, from our favorite G. Listen & share below!

Irene Guerrero

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