Noisey’s “Project Genius: The Story of 03 Greedo” Documentary

Noisey’s “Project Genius: The Story of 03 Greedo” Documentary

Everybody loves Hip-Hop but nobody likes to talk about what’s really going on. The neighborhoods that most artists come from are inexcusably oppressed. Stricken by systematic setbacks. Poverty, violence, police targeting, limited job opportunities, the list goes on. The people in these communities inherently face these setbacks daily. 

In the United States mass incarceration has led to immense amounts of capital gain. We have the most people in prison out of any country in the world. The demographic that is disproportionately effected by this are the people within these communities. Minorities and poor people to be exact. Tyler Benz, Justin Staple, and Quinton Dominiquez depict this through the story of currently incarcerated Watts artist, 03 Greedo. 

Noisey premiered “Project Genius: The 03 Greedo Story” on Tuesday. The documentary follows 03 around prior to his sentence with great insight and narration from R. Baron’s TK Kimbro. Doing a brilliant job of telling the tale of an artist who changed Los Angeles music. Showing how these systematic problems invaded his life with a 20 year prison sentence. His imprisonment is a prime example of the vicious cycle of our criminal justice system. Even when a Black man becomes successful he is still susceptible to being torn down by it. 03 has not let it slow his music or vision down. Watch below to get the full story:


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