Boogie – “Skydive” Music Video

Boogie – “Skydive” Music Video

As part of Boogie’s first album under Shady Records, the music video for his song “Skydive” is here and it’s just as beautiful as the song. Just like the song, it starts off very slow as we see a couple embracing and slowly start to float as the beat builds and the chorus ends. A young boy sees this happening and runs off, daydreaming about a girl he can float off with too, searching for love that can take him to a higher place. The director did an amazing job creating a narrative story using Boogie’s lyrics, and the raspiness of Boogie’s voice blends in beautifully with the intricate notes of the guitar and the moody visuals. If you like the song and video make sure to check out Boogie’s album “Everything’s For Sale” out now!


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