Bellflower Native N01SES Releases His Thrilling New Album

Bellflower Native N01SES Releases His Thrilling New Album

Great music always rises to the top, it’s just the circle of life. Granted, a lot of weak stuff is promoted like it’s great, and sometimes it’s on the consumer to decide which is which, but even the most dense of fans can tell what the deal is, especially when they come across an artist like Bellflower native, N01SES, who drops off his intriguing project, Memoirs.

Clocked in at 9-tracks, Memoirs is a self-reflective, highly engaging project that sees N01SES really getting off, lyrically. Highlighted by the standout track, “Blackman” — an ode to rising past the B.S. that comes with being a young, gifted black man in America — the project is rooted in Black Appreciation, self-help, salvation and more.

Check out the project below and be sure to get familiar with N01SES.


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