Master Kato – “Lick” Feat. Warhol.SS Prod. by Ron-Ron

Master Kato – “Lick” Feat. Warhol.SS Prod. by Ron-Ron

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard a single from Master Kato of Shoreline Mafia, but after teasing fans on social media with some cover art & a music video clip it’s finally here. Hitting up Hit Mob’s own Ron-Ron, Kato also hits Warhol.SS for his single “Lick.” Although it’s a little slower paced than we’re used to hearing from the Hella Wave member, the track carries a cool-dark feel as Kato humbly brags within the chorus of pouring up & chilling in New York. Stating that nothing has changed besides his chain, Warhol.SS comes in with a bit of an edge as he aids Kato in pressing those who don’t belong. Listen & share the track below!

Irene Guerrero

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