An Interview With Well-Rounded Phoenix Musician Teddy Oso

An Interview With Well-Rounded Phoenix Musician Teddy Oso


Coffee is Phoenix musician Teddy Oso’s go-to beverage, it was only right that I met up with him to grab some. We had conversations all across the board for a few hours. Of course music was the main topic, as it usually is with most of the people I speak with. Teddy is overtly knowledgeable about not only creating music but how to brand himself along side of it. This is somebody who is familiar with his audience and takes advantage of that awareness.

His style is pure, each track he creates has a similar smooth feeling. Recognizing his production is easily done to a tuned ear. Visibly a well-rounded artist, he knows how to set the tone through his beats. Using his vocals and songwriting skills to be a complete one man show. Versatile within multiple ranges of sounds, he is not simplistic or pessimistic with his music whatsoever.

The brand is strong. He is well aware of how to create legitimate value to his tunes. One of the only artists in the city who goes to the heights of distributing physical copies. He understands not only the profit that comes with this, but also how much more weight a CD holds. Any true supporter will buy a CD, this creates a lasting connection. As well as the physical copy alone acting as a piece of art that can be held within a fans hands. The genuineness behind the whole movement becomes clearer and felt deeper.

Teddy also has a special determination about making music what he’ll live off. He technically already is living off of the craft. Music is his 9-5 and he does not take it lightly. A structured routine and game plan keeps him focused. His work ethic overall when it comes to his talent is something to be admired. 



Read below for the full background on Teddy where we speak on his music, his routine, and goals:

Who is Teddy Oso?

Teddy Oso is a Phoenix based artist / producer.

How would you describe your music?

My music style ranges from Kush & OJ Wiz to today’s Alternative R&B genre.

When did you first start?

I started putting out projects my senior year of high school in 2014. Didn’t start producing ’til 2015 though.

Do you remember the first thing you ever recorded?

The first thing I ever recorded was the first song I put out and that was “The Curb”. That song ended up getting my buzz up around the city.

How have things progressed since then, what year was that too?

I dropped my first song in February of 2014 and released my first EP on March 17, 2014, my dad’s birthday. Well since my first EP I’ve been able to produce music without samples and for me that’s a major plus cause I’ve been wanting to do that since I got in to music. My fan base has grown substantially throughout Phoenix being able to do shows at Crescent Ballroom and Club Red. I still have a lot to work on but as of right now I’m proud of how far I’ve come as an artist.

You’ve undoubtedly been putting the work in, you’re a complete musician at this point. Don’t you have a show coming up?

Thank you I appreciate it. Yeah I have a show on Friday with Damon Logan and Kyd, both great musicians that everybody should check out as well.

Of course, shout out to them too. What else are you currently working on?

I just finished a nice little 4-track summer EP. It’s expected to drop on May 10th. The whole project is produced and mixed by myself with Hunnid Gemz as the only feature.

I’m sure that’s about to be great. When you do have features, who else are you usually turning to?

That’s about it as of right now. I don’t really reach out as much as I used to for features, my last two projects had no features or outside producers. I kind of like it that way at the moment because when people hear my albums they’re going to get a complete Teddy Oso album, not me and whoever’s hot at the time.

Facts that allows you to do exactly what you want creatively too. What’s your daily routine look like right now?

My daily routine consists of waking up around 10 or 11AM and taking a shower. After that I make myself a nice little cup of coffee then proceed to make around five to ten beats. Once it’s like 5 or 6 in the evening I’ll head to the studio to work on tracks that I have or engineer a session for an artist. After the session I’ll either drive around and get another cup of joe and listen to music or head home to work on beats. Soon as I get home I’ll stay up til about 2 or 3 in the morning working on another set of beats, then go to bed watching Hey Arnold and do it all over again. Currently I don’t have a “regular 9-5” but what I do every day I consider that my full time job when people ask me. This year I’m practicing the Law of Attraction with no hesitation and taking bigger leaps in my career.

It sounds like you’re extremely focused! What are your goals before the year ends?
Yeah man can’t help but stay focused if I truly want to live off my music. Before the year ends I plan on doing a show in LA, I really want to meet my LA fans face to face finally. I have a full album coming out in October called Kobra Blue that I plan on pushing a lot more heavily than my previous ones. Ultimately though I’m working to make the Teddy Oso brand a household name throughout the city of Phoenix and I know I can.





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