Rucci – “Wishing On a Star Pt.2” Feat. KingxRiko Prod. by RoMo

Rucci – “Wishing On a Star Pt.2” Feat. KingxRiko Prod. by RoMo

Rucci‘s fanbase continues to organically grow through songs snippets on social media. It seems with a small tease the popularity & desire for the whole song causes an uproar, creating a cycle of curiosity which in turn aids in creating more fans.
We’ve seen it time & time again with his tracks such as “Cholo,” “Like Woah” & Part one (before we knew it was a part one) “Wishing On a Star.” The snippet for Part 1 still resurfaces on the timeline from time to time despite its release in May of 2018 on his “El Perro” mixtape. It seems producer RoMo & the vocals of KingxRiko are at it again for part 2, this time getting their hands on a sample that is sure to bring more fans in.
Wishing On a Star Pt.2” contains the vocals from the one & only Selena from her “Dreaming of You” single. The vocals of the late Tejano singer seem to be sped up a bit over the tweaked instrumental alongside the vocals of Riko.
With just the right amount of bass, Riko’s vocals state, ‘I won’t let you leave.. Gotta be patient with me..’ As Rucci lays down his verse that may pull on the heartstrings of a conflicted sort of love that can easily turn into a game gone wrong. Or maybe that’s just me, either way when secondary parts to songs are usually remixes, “Wishing On a Star Pt.2” is just one of those tracks that shows us the softer side of us all. Listen & share below!


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