RobTWO – “Get Rich” Music Video

RobTWO – “Get Rich” Music Video

RobTWO is an artist of many talents and with that, the opening line to his latest release is, ‘Let me show you what it take…’ And let’s be real here, the guy is speaking from experience. If one is already a fan of TWO, then one knows of his hard work with production & the obstacles of life that he’s been through. Being one that lays it all down in the music, the desire to get rich won’t be kept quiet.
Although the song is short, the visual itself can easily motivate viewers to gt up & go get it! As he breaks down how he’ll get rich, keep in mind that the schemes aren’t one to be messed with. However, if one is really ’bout it, ’bout it then there ain’t nothing left but to “Get Rich.” Watch & stream below!

Irene Guerrero

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