The YKM Yo$h Interview

The YKM Yo$h Interview


Moving to Phoenix from Bosnia at a very young age, YKM Yo$h has seen hard work pay off from an immigrant point of view. He translates this into his passion, keeping his foot on the gas with his music. He’s been driven since 2016 to make something of himself through the craft. Continually expressing himself in his lyrics and making the music in which he desires. Nobody can tell Yo$h how he should sound, he just makes what he feels like.

His open mind has given us a glimpse into just how versatile an artist he can be. He’s connected with many artists throughout the city and stood as more than an artist himself. Bringing people together in many ways, including throwing shows and giving other artists a chance to showcase themselves. Also being actively involved in Joey Freco’s brand Crnr-Stre, that defines Phoenix through community involvement and west coast focused designs.

Yo$h has his hands in many of the important avenues Phoenix creatives benefit from so much. Above being an artist, he is a genuine person. Someone who is down to earth and knows how to have a good time. Radiating his joyful energy and affecting everyone in the room. He is a natural born entertainer with a work ethic that will take him far. We spoke on music, Bosnia, Arizona, and his upcoming plans below:

What does YKM stand for?

YKM stands for “You Know Me”. It was supposed to be a clothing brand I was going to start around 2016 and ended up getting invited to work on a project my bro Joey Freco was starting around the same time called CRNRSTRE his vision was clear and he spoke about it so vividly so it made sense, and because I was already making music I decided to just brand my self as YKM YO$H. I felt like “You Know Me” still applied on some cocky shit, cause I’m fire.

No doubt, did you start making music in 2016 too?

Nah I started making music in 2014 but started taking it seriously like, middle of 2016.

What was the first thing you ever recorded?

I had did this song called “For My Squad” I dropped while I was in high school and it did like 100 plays in a week I thought I was on! *laughs* Before that I had free-styled all kinds of times though with the homies but that was just for fun and shit.

Have you stuck with the same style until now or was there phases to this point?

Honestly, I don’t think I ever stuck to one sound, like even now I’m just in the mood to make fun shit with a meaning, whatever that might sound like at that point in my life. 9/10 I’m really just trying to outdo my own expectations and that pushes me out of my comfort zone which keeps me making different sounding music.  A lot of new stuff coming with different flavors for EVERY customer!

That’s good to keep an open approach! What inspires you the most?

The main reason I started making music was because I wanted to make something different and for myself, so that remains the same. It’s just different now cause people actually fuck with my music so I feel like it’s an exclusive club or some shit. We just all relating to each other and enjoying the music for what it is, that keeps me inspired.

What did you listen to growing up mostly? Has it changed at all now?

I listened to mostly Hip-Hop and R&B growing up but my pops was always putting me on different genres, I listen to a lot of Bosnian music these days, a lot of Corridos basically anything with a melody and a rhythm.

Have you always lived in Arizona?

I was originally born in Bosnia but I’ve lived in Arizona for 19 years now so I pretty much grew up out here.

Do you go back and visit ever?

Yeah, I been back three times so far, it’s dope but I go back on vacation so it’s nothing like living there. It’s beautiful and I’m proud to be from Bosnia, I feel like it gave me an edge or “leg up” on a lot of shit cause I really seen immigrant work prosper so it pushes me in a different way to do better.

Absolutely seeing your folks work hard will give you an upper hand yourself. What was your life like growing up here in Phoenix?

Definitely, I seen a lot of shit come from nothing it makes me value my time more. 

Growing up in Arizona was smooth I can’t lie, I spent a lot of time getting in trouble chillin’ with the homies doing shit we ain’t had no business doing that young. It’s a blessing being “from” Arizona cause you see a lot of good and bad shit coming up so you can really choose how you want to move and decide what lane is yours. Phoenix is the Mecca though, I could spend all day telling you what it is I love about my city but the only way to experience it is to come out here and link with the guys. This a real hands-on city, so if you know you know. In specific shout out South Phoenix, I learned a lot when I linked with my peoples from out that way and living on that side currently.

Facts, people who never been out here don’t even know what it’s like really. They just count it out immediately. Who are some other artists in the city you’re rocking with?

I feel like people count it out cause they don’t know any better so they go with their first instinct. Well first off I fuck with any and ALL artists in the city who are putting in work for real and not letting nobody knock them off their pivot. They know who they are. In specific shout out Quiet Wyatt, bro been producing for me like crazy for the last year!! Top 5 producers in this shit right now and he only getting better.

Definitely. What are you working on at the moment?

So right now I’m promoting a single I just dropped called ‘Control’ featuring Mxgriff, produced by Quiet Wyatt. I’m also throwing a show called “Tha Collective” April 18th with De La Preme, Mxgriff , Cafe Pico , Lil Prada , Kill Stacy and Myself in Glendale! Show is 18+!

I see you! Bringing everyone together and throwing your own shows. Where do you see yourself by the end of the year?

By the end of this year, I see myself with a whole new catalog of work in music and design. To keep this shit growing and to keep staying healthy, everything else is a blessing.

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