Sheezter.Pink “Live From LAX” EP

Sheezter.Pink “Live From LAX” EP

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Sheezter.Pink is a name you must get familiar with immediately, he’s already on the runway headed to his next destination, stardom. His fly new video for “Frequent Flyer” was just premiered by No Jumper, and his song “Don’t Get Mad” is already on your favorite Instagram model’s playlist, trust me I checked. The EP “Live From LAX” is in reference to his recent trip to LA where Sheezter was not only mentally inspired by the women, weed and weather in Los Angeles, but also physically inspired by the airport itself. The Pinkzter was actually stuck in the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) due to a flight delay for way more hours than he had predicted and ended up having enough time to record a freestyle at his terminal which ended up being the title track, and write a few others, which completed the three song EP. I can’t help, but thank whatever air traffic controller who chose to delay Sheezter’s flight from LAX back home to Connecticut, because we wouldn’t have gotten this amazing body of work. Let’s hope all of Sheez’s flights from LA get delayed in the future and he has enough time to mix, master and shoot videos for a full length “Stuck at LAX” LP.

Listen below.

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