Mike Dinero “Pay 2 Play” EP

Mike Dinero “Pay 2 Play” EP

The northeast LA rap savior Mike Dinero is back with a brand new project titled “Pay 2 Play”, and spoiler alert, it’s MONEY. Dinero has been steadily building his buzz for some time now, but he looks to be going full steam ahead on his way to the bag. This is that fresh out the barber’s chair, hop in your freshly washed whip and have the system slapping music on the way to get some more money type music. Mike makes music for the players (male and female) who are all about their cash and move accordingly.

On “Get Active” one can hear a Nipsey Hussle influence, that is if Nip grew up in northeast LA copping mesquite from the local elote man instead of chasing the ice cream man in South Central. The Nipsey influence is most apparent not in flow, but in Mike’s ability to paint a picture with his lyrics of his surroundings and willingness to refute the norm of those surroundings with the desire to rise above and bring the success back home. When speaking to Mike about the project he told me the notion of buying the block back that Nipsey has preached and made a reality was really motivating in his approach to the rap game and life in general.

On “Double Up” produced by local LA hitmaker Saltreze, Mike gets more introspective and admits to be going through some things, while still pushing forward, betting on himself and doubling up. He speaks of losing a friend in the streets, yet never folding nor bending, then spews some lyrical gymnastics when he raps, “if I ever took a L bet I flipped that, 7/11 do my runs then I get back”.

The single standout track on this project is easily “Aye Money” produced by iStayLive, Dinero is noticeably in his bag, bouncing seamlessly throughout like loose change in your pocket.

“Pay 2 Play” is definitely worth a listen and needs to be part of your playlist immediately before he inevitably prices his project at over $100 and you have to pay to play.

Listen below.

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