Low-key LA Classics: G Perico – All Blue

Low-key LA Classics: G Perico – All Blue

There isn’t a bad G Perico project in his entire catalog. The South Central artist and entrepreneur has a hold on his city like no other. So Way Out is a brand that defines the Jheri Curl sporting emcee and the world as he sees it. His way out didn’t mean leaving the city itself, rather leaving behind a lifestyle that had a high risk of turmoil as an outcome. He still stays right in his hood, that will always be his home.

Making his way out was not easy, his storytelling abilities and focused mindset gave him an upper hand to an extent. Staying out of the way and to himself has also benefited him exceptionally. All Blue is a project that defines his life, his first person perspective into his regular encounters. Sights of terror and joy flood over the thirteen tracks. Each one holding a classic G-Funk sound to enhance his potent lyrics.

He raps as if your standing face-to-face to him. Explaining his thoughts thoroughly and with exclamation. His perspective is valued and the words out of his mouth are genuine. Recurring tales of getting straight to the money and providing for those around him. Protecting himself and the ones he loves. Anecdotes of struggle and pleasure drape the duration of the project. Depicting his precise way of moving. A sense of urgency is felt in his voice, he really has no other option than to make it with this music. When you can hear and feel that it makes everything much more important.

Sonny Digital, Dupri of League Of Starz, Westide Webb, Poly Boy, Kacey Khaliel, Sonny Digital, Nabeyin, and Cypress Moreno provide the soundtrack for Perico. This is what west coast music is all about, a go-to project to throw on and get to making your daily plays. Keeping a classic vibe that clashes with the current state of affairs. It’s the best of both dimensions. A blend that pays homage but also moves everything forward. Sonny Digital and Los Angeles legend Polyester The Saint are the sole features. Other than that it’s 35 minutes of Perico straight to the face.

Releasing back in 2017 it’s still finding its way into rotation in 2019. This is pure, smooth, hard-hitting Hip-Hop. The insight given truly puts you in his shoes. A vivid glimpse into his life. Strictly west coast flow. Embracing his identity and wearing it with pride. Unapologetically blue.

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