Sahtyre – “Bruce Wayne”

Sahtyre – “Bruce Wayne”

When an artist taps into the comic book world, it’s usually a small reference that aids in delivering a bar or two. So when Sahtyre released a whole track titled “Bruce Wayne,” I could hardly contain my excitement! Cover art is always something that I take into account when it comes to tracks as well as it helps present the track before listeners press play, & this art did the track true justice (as Batman would potentially do, anyway).

Beginning with an eerie tone, Sahtyre comes in hot referencing two important names that combined make up Bruce Wayne Lil’ Wayne, & Batman. He’s able to recognize his craziness that only aids in delivering his creativeness as an artist, yet urges listeners to steer away from self-medication of the chemical or juice source. Aware that he can’t save everyone he maneuvers through the shadows & is ready to take on his battles no matter where they come from. Listen & share the track below!

Irene Guerrero

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