Rucci – “Till the Day I Die” Music Video Dir by REALMOVIE

Rucci – “Till the Day I Die” Music Video Dir by REALMOVIE

When it comes to Rucci & his choice of what tracks will get a visual, fans are usually left in the dark. Unless one is able to catch some behind the scenes clips or he straight up makes an announcement via social media, we’ve all become accustomed to waiting on him to decide. His latest visual that was directed & shot by REALMOVIE is “Till the Day I Die,” a track that was released this past November. With a colorless theme aside from the red bandana that hangs from his back pocket & around his neck, Rucci continues to solidify why he’s the big dawg out in these streets. From the lessons he’s learned from his childhood lessons to the choices that shape the outcome of those who watch his every move, he’s proudly repping the block living life the way he chooses to. Watch & share the visual below!

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