HeyDeon – “Dreams” Music Video Shot by Goldby7

HeyDeon – “Dreams” Music Video Shot by Goldby7

As children, we’re always told to ‘dream big’ & ‘reach for the stars!’ As creatives or individuals who are passionate about things, it’s crucial to be striving towards something. Whether it be small or huge, the overall outcome is (or should be) happiness. That is what artist HeyDeon covers in track “Dreams” produced by Justus. As he works towards his dreams, within his lyrics he inspires but it’s not the typical ‘get up & get it that we usually hear. Shot by Goldby7, he makes his way through his city & makes DTLA his own all while giving advice to those who listen. Stating to be cautious of the ones around you, as well as the eyes who look to you for inspiration. Closing off the visual with a positive note, we can’t wait to see what HeyDeon has in store for the future. Watch & share below!

Irene Guerrero

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