EPICMUSTDIE – “Nobody” (Prod. by DezzieGee)

EPICMUSTDIE – “Nobody” (Prod. by DezzieGee)

If you were raised right, then the sample to this Nate Dogg homage by Compton MC EPICMUSTDIE is immediately recognizable. The laid back “Nobody” is full of tight and introspective bars and mellow, soothing flows, as EPICMUSTDIE reflects on his self-made success and what’s more to come. Producer DezzieGee’s use of the sample is great, using the late Nate Dogg’s vocals just enough for that nostalgia to hit nicely but not enough to convolute the beat or take attention away from the rapping. In true Nate Dogg fashion, it’s a perfect song to roll up to while your troubles slip your mind. Check out the new song here and make sure to hit the follow button to keep updated on new EPICMUSTDIE music.


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