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Airplane James’ “FWU” Is Your New Favorite Song

Eastside South Central’s Airplane James is back with your new favorite song “FWU” featuring Sham1016 produced by SoundslikeTC and Saltreze. This is less a love song and more an audio love letter to an old thang. Plane has some fly pilot talk throughout for this woman he used to fancy, and he had to let her know he is still fond of her. Sham1016 is the ultimate wingman on this record with a fantastic contribution to this record. This is the joint you play when you pick up your ex girl and hit a spot like 30 minutes away where you probably won’t get spotted by friends that know you two are toxic for each other. You can both sit in the toxicity and sing a long to this beautiful song.

Listen below!

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One comment on “Airplane James’ “FWU” Is Your New Favorite Song

  1. hii I wrote a music blog as well, but it’s more like hip hop and R&B all over the world 🙂 https://thegoodtheweird.com/

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