Mozzy & Yatta – “Free Yatta 2”

Mozzy & Yatta – “Free Yatta 2”

If you haven’t heard of Yatta then it’s time to get hip. The local bay area legend has an impressive repertoire with collaborations with artists like Mozzy, Drakeo the Ruler, and ALLBLACK. He is also in jail for at least 10 more years, hence the title of the track. But that doesn’t stop Yatta from releasing new music, even if it has to be through phone calls, which Mozzy and his team make the best of on “Free Yatta 2”. The beat is grim and heavy, it moves meticulously along with the verses and transforms as the various flows throughout the song change. Mozzy kills his verse as usual, but Yatta who unleashes an arsenal of new flows, is the star of the show. When the opening bars of a song include “Paramedics coulda saved your homie life but they weren’t quick enough” you know you boutta hear some stupid hard shit. The video is synchronized well with the song and features some footage of Yatta before his sentence as well as cool shots of Mozzy in his hood dancing while flexing his pork-free lifestyle. #FreeYatta


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