Enimal – “After Hourz” EP

Enimal – “After Hourz” EP

Enimal follows up his most recent releases with an EP titled “After Hourz.” If you’re like me then the thought of him delivering some R&B vibes might have crossed your mind, but based on his “Rollin’” & “First Whip” tracks it surely won’t be the case. Although, that might be something he might want to bring us in the future. With the humblebragging & full-circle reflection that Enimal has brought fans so far, the EP contains 4 new tracks that allow him to deliver the same energy throughout the project. 

Within “Same Shit” he flexes with ease on his various talents, letting it be known that the ones he surrounds himself with are within a similar mindset. “IngleWatts” contains a feature from artist Stoneydadealer, where he sets the record straight regarding rumors that are spread ’round town. “Nonstop” is a personal favorite as he taps into his come up with dope deliver & quotable bars. It’s a motivational track that is sure to aid listeners in continuing beyond their limits. “Greater Than” closes the EP with soft tones, giving the listener a moment to reflect with Enimal. Rapping about getting his own, the envious watching, & continuing to stay focused on sharpening his talents. Closing out the EP a hunger for success, it leaves listeners with an itch for more. Listen & share your favorite tracks below! Be sure to tap back in on the latest from Enimal!

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