Asad iLL – “Cold Hearted” Freestyle

Asad iLL – “Cold Hearted” Freestyle

A visual that opens with a scene of rioters destroying an innocent man’s store, the emotional frustration that is heard touches the heart of those who know this scene well. It can cause one to feel sympathy or a touch of madness, maybe even a mixture of both. As life continues to pass us by, the events that shape us begin to take hold & that is what Asad iLL touches on in his “Coldhearted” freestyle.

As he speaks on the trust issues he’s built from growing up to the life-changing events that have aided in sparking the cold within himself, faith is somewhat restored through his creativeness. iLL takes listeners through pieces of his story & does his best to prove why he’s worthy to pursue his purpose. Listen & share below!

Irene Guerrero

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