An Interview With Emmitt Dupree

An Interview With Emmitt Dupree



You can hear the soul in Emmitt Dupree’s voice. Whether he’s exercising his immaculate vocals or getting something off his chest rapping, the emotion is felt. That’s something that the Phoenix artist never falls short of. Making sure his work always has meaning, a message, something that will stick with the listener. Music has run through his veins from a young age, starting off singing then transitioning into the art of rap.

Years of practice and perfection of the craft have made him who he is today. Arizona is his home and he represents it with pride. Arguably one of the more talented artists coming out of The Valley. There certainly aren’t many with the vocal caliber and poetic expertise that he holds. His most recent project, And Then I Cracked, puts his deep-rooted musical strengths on full display. With new music approaching, he’s showing no sign of slowing down in 2019.

Read our conversation below where Emmitt speaks on Arizona and his music:

Have you lived in Arizona your whole life?

Yes, I’ve lived in Arizona my whole life, had a visit or two to Texas to visit immediate family but this is home of course.

How would you describe growing up here?

I would describe it as very interesting. I was able to learn a lot of lessons from afar in this weird way but only cause I had my father and mother protecting me. It’s not like it was that dangerous, it just had its spots like everywhere. I love it though wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s home. No matter how wild home is, you usually wanna be there.

Absolutely. You normally feel comfortable in the environment you know best, when did music start to get in the picture?

Music started very early from my mom, her vocals are pretty crazy and my father early on playing just about everything I can think of. I was singing very early from maybe the age of five, I began rapping spoken word and just words in general came a little later maybe around thirteen.

What stuck with you the most that he was playing?

DMX, Musiq soulchild, OutKast, Marvin Gaye, De La Soul just to name a couple. The genres that I do more of now has stuck with me most.

I can see that, you have a very soulful approach. Would you say you have more of a passion for singing than rapping?

Absolutely I make sure to keep that approach with it all. Hmm, I guess I have more of a passion for rapping now because of how long I’ve been focused on it. It releases stress and everything, but I love making R&B occasionally.

That’s understandable, what was the first thing you ever recorded?

The first thing I ever recorded was an alternative song called “Seek For You”. My bro played the guitar and I wrote and sang, interesting track.

Damn man you might as well just pursue every genre, do you remember if there was a specific reason you decided to focus on rap?

Bro I’m telling you soon I’m switching genres. I vent a lot better with rap, I can say so much more literally. I can yell, scream, whisper, it’s the epitome of a real conversation. So as far as translation is concerned, I feel rapping would be most effective.

What is your writing process like?

I write all day, not really but I think all day, I jot things down randomly when I know I can’t forget a certain metaphor, so on so fourth. Beats and instrumentals have their own effect as well, sometimes I let the beat give me the concept or title to began a foundation. Sometimes choruses come randomly and I find instrumentals later on it all depends.

What are some recurring thoughts or messages you find yourself putting into your lyrics?

God, and my experiences, I feel like my mind gives me ideas and then it filters on how I can make it a lesson or how I can be a testimony by speaking on it, if I can’t I usually don’t use it.

That’s a great way to do it, everything always has a meaning and isn’t senseless then. Who are some of your favorite artists and producers to work with?

Some of my favorite artists are Jalopy Bungus, Kapo Bravado, Delly Everyday, Jordan Demby. Favorite producers are Charley Brown, K Zone, and Donato.

When should we be expecting new music from you?

New EP coming March 31st on the day of my birthday, titled Emerald and then the project, project in December again and I’ll just leave you with these acronyms “L.A.T.T” for the album title.

What are some goals you have for the rest of the year?

I want this project at the end of the year to be my biggest yet, I want to get to more blogs, I want to perform more which I have 4 times this year thus far, I also want to be consistent with my videos and then everything else will fall into place.

Facts man that’s a great mindset to have, is there anyone you wanna show love to?

Thank you very much bro, shout out Bungus in his new release titled Samson I appear on that project as well. Shout out Krown Sound and De La Preme, the big bro.


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