Rucci – “That’s Norf” Music Video Shot by REALMOVIE

Rucci – “That’s Norf” Music Video Shot by REALMOVIE

Rucci represents his side of Inglewood with the homies by his side in his latest visual for “That’s Norf.” Shot by REALMOVIE, the track isn’t so much about the town that he claims, more so a word of affirmation used within his circle. As he confidently brags about how certain situations will be handled & brought to light. From the streets to the shows, love for him & his town is found from all around & to agree listeners are sure to holler back, that’s Norf! REALMOVIE easily captures the unity within Rucci’s circle that will have viewers wishing that they too were from that side of town. Watch & share the visual below!

Irene Guerrero

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