AzChike & AlmightySuspect join forces for AlmightyChike EP

AzChike & AlmightySuspect join forces for AlmightyChike EP

If Suga Free & Mac Dre had the opportunity to link up and create an EP in 2019, it would probably sound something like the AlmightyChike EP. After the success of the Burn Rubber Again remix and other numerous collabs, a joint project was nearly inevitable, but it was only right.

The tape is composed of 3 tracks produced by DjFlippp & the 808 Kartel, which get completely obliterated by Chike & Almighty. They both possess the gift of being able to effortlessly talk so much shit on a track, almost to the point where you begin to feel personally attacked. This is just one of the many elements to rapping, yet, LA’s new wave of rappers seem to be elevating a portion of rap that was hiding in the shadows, eager to emerge.

Legend Killa” hits you with a hot beat laced with lyrics that’ll sting you even more, while “SusChike” gives you the perfect dose of both rappers as they tag team the track. “GetWorked” brings the EP to an end, which will most likely prompt listeners to restart it over again from the top. (Yes, it’s THAT fire, but you didn’t hear that from me). Each song is guaranteed to turn any setting into a function, so PLEASE refrain from playing this tape in church. If you haven’t listened to AlmightyChike yet, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

To stream & listen to the project, click the link down below!


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