AzBenzz releases Valentine’s Day-inspired EP “ThugzNeedLoveToo”

AzBenzz releases Valentine’s Day-inspired EP “ThugzNeedLoveToo”

For as long as we’ve known, R&B stood for the term “rhythm and blues”. Today, artists such as Partynextdoor, Bryson Tiller & Tory Lanez have taken the meaning of R&B and added their own personal twist to it. By doing so, they were able to bridge the gap between hip-hop and R&B, showcasing the diversity of a genre that seemed to be two dimensional for many years.

AzCult member, AzBenzz, is putting in all the necessary work that it takes to be worthy of a spot in the new R&B hall of fame. In an exclusive interview with rosecrans radio, he let listeners know that his first solo project would soon be on its way following the release of his joint project with Big $wift, Gudda$wift. As he promised, the EP “ThugzNeedLoveToo” hit the scene on an extremely fitting holiday, Valentine’s Day. Although the project is a teaser consisting of only 3 tracks, you’re bound to replay it over and over… and over.

The intro track “What You Need?”, produced by XIA Beats & Paupa, touches base on a subject that plenty of people try their hardest to avoid, communication. We’re extremely aware of this generation not being able to say exactly what it is they want from a person, but that won’t work in your favor if you happen to have your eyes on the “I Feel It” singer. SalTreze cooks the beat up for track two, ”Baby”, while Benzz explains to an old fling that he can’t be fooled any longer. Big $wift takes the second leg of the song, giving us a Gudda R&B banger. Closing out the EP is a Sideflowmusic-produced track titled “Read Your Mind”. Synonymous to the intro track, he reassures us that he isn’t exactly a psychic, so he won’t waste his time if you won’t tell him what’s up.

R&B appears to be heading in the right direction, and with artists like AzBenzz, it’s evident that this genre is far more capable of being propelled to new heights. With LA’s rap scene growing rapidly before our eyes, we hope to see the city’s R&B gems receive the recognition they deserve. We’ll definitely be on the lookout for more content from AzBenzz, and if you were smart, you would do the same. To stream & listen to “ThugzNeedLoveToo”, click the links down below!


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